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At IT Works we have many years of experience designing, testing and implementing business continuity plans. We can offer a range of services from a full disaster recovery solution to a simple review of your existing plans.

DR Office Space

IT works has dedicated disaster recovery suites for up to 50 seats. The facilities comprise of reception, boardroom, kitchen, restrooms, printing, facsimile and photocopying appliances, telephony services, document storage areas and are fully air conditioned.

DR Plan Design

If you require advice on writing a Disaster Recovery plan our consultants can assist you with this. Alternatively we can build the entire solution for you and draw up the plan from scratch detailing the exact procedure for failover, while designing the full technical solution to facilitate this.

Review of Existing Plans

In order to successfully protect your business against a disaster it is necessary to plan exactly what would happen in this event and who is responsible for what. At IT Works we have many years of experience in designing and testing such documents and can confidently recommend improvements to existing plans.


It is essential that all Business Continuity plans are tested thoroughly and regularly in order to ensure a seamless transition from your live to backups systems, and to ascertain expected timescales for recovery in the event of a plan being invoked. We can ensure these are scheduled regularly and manage the entire process of testing while reporting all findings.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

A cloud based disaster recovery solution can offer many benefits over a traditional solution, including lower costs and quicker recovery which is expandable as required. We can offer numerous solutions in this area and will work with your to tailor these solutions to best meet your requirements.